Some background on me

Hi my name is Lucy, I’m a Christian. God has inspired me to write a blog about strategies I have found helpful to engage with him during a difficult few years of poor health and also about my identity and purpose through this time. It is my heart that this blog would encourage and inspire Christians, especially those who have health problems which mean they need to be creative to engage with God. This blog is also for those with sick friends or family who don’t know how to encourage them in the Lord during their suffering. Hopefully this blog will give you some ideas.

I draw on my personal experiences of poor health and also those of people from my church. In my case I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression and have also battled with stress for the last 3.5 years. This blog is not about how I have coped with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/depression but how I have engaged with God through it. I thought it might be helpful to give some idea of my experience to give context to the blog. At some points over the last few years I have been very unwell, unable to hold basic conversations or move around the house. However at other points (such as now) I have been able to volunteer for a few hours a week for the UK Christian social justice charity Jubilee+. 

Through my ongoing journey of poor health I’m very grateful for all God has taught me and changed in my character. He really can use all things including the wilderness of poor health for his glory.

If you would like to follow me on twitter I mainly post about Christianity and social issues. You can find me @leroux_lucy