Practical info about the blog

Scripture references

All scripture mentioned in the blog is NIVUK (New International Version UK Edition) unless otherwise stated. I have hyperlinked the Bible references to Bible Gateway as this is a site that allows you to compare the same verse in multiple versions of the Bible if desired.

Timing periods referred to

It has taken me many months to get the posts together for this blog. Therefore when I refer to a specific time period such as ‘today’ it refers to when I started writing the post not when I published it. Also I have written some posts remembering back to how I coped and felt at different stages of my illness. I thought this was worth saying as to not alarm the people nearest and dearest to me if they read a post about me having a terrible day!

Post frequency

Posts will appear when they appear! Given my health limitations I can’t commit to regular posting, my energy fluctuates so I have good periods of time and those that are less good.


All images are my own or are from Pexels unless otherwise stated.


Please do comment on posts and let me know your thoughts and ideas. If you share posts please use #PraiseThroughTrials