The Importance Of Perspective

Praise Through Trials

Numbers 13 explains how Moses sent 12 spies into the Promised Land to report what the land, people and produce was like. 10 come back and tell the Israelites that there is no way they can take the land because the people are huge, very numerous and have fortified cities. Only Joshua and Caleb bring back a different report and say that it can be done. However, the Israelites side with the bad report and they rebel against Moses and God leading to 40 years of desert wandering (Numbers 14).

All the spies explored the same land but it was their perspective that differed. The 10 spies looked through human eyes and were overcome by their own inadequacy. The starting point for Caleb and Joshua was that God Almighty was with them; the God who had taken them out of Egypt, across the Red Sea and fed them…

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