Dealing With the Storms of Life

This post that I wrote in September is poignant right now and I hope that it encourages you.

Praise Through Trials

The disciples are in a big storm on the Sea of Galilee and they are cold, wet and scared. In the last watch of the night they see a figure in the waves. They are terrified and think it is a ghost ‘but Jesus immediately said to them ‘take courage! It is I. Do not be afraid.” (Matthew 14:27). Peter starts walking on the water towards Jesus. That is until he notices the storm and then he starts to panic and sink. Jesus catches him and says he has little faith. As they both climb into the boat the storm ceases. At this the disciples worship Jesus because they realise that he is the Son of God.

This account of Jesus walking on water as told in three gospels (Matthew 14:22-36; John 6:16-24; Mark 6:45-56), provides insights into how we should face the storms in…

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