Ruth: A Woman of Faith and Noble Character

Last week I wrote about the inspiring story of Esther (see here). This week I am staying on the theme of amazing women in the Bible and looking at Ruth.

Ruth was a Moabite, Moab is a country that seduced Israel into doing evil (Numbers 25) and was not at all liked. Despite this, when her husband died she chose to go to Judah with her Mother-in-law Naomi, rather than back to her family. This meant going to a different culture, believing in a different God and having an uncertain future. When she arrived in Bethlehem she had to find food for them, her option for this was to pick up what harvesters had missed (Leviticus 23:22). This was dangerous work, she could have been abused or molested. However, God led her to the field of a God fearing man called Boaz who protected and provided for them, he ultimately married Ruth.

Ruth trusted in God and had courage despite not knowing what the future held, he was faithful to her and he provided for her and Naomi. Now you might be facing an uncertain future, for example, you might be chronically ill or have unstable finances. I have been there and it is a very hard place to be, it can be difficult to keep trusting in God. If you are in that place, know that God is consistent (e.g., Malachi 3:6) he knows where you are going, he goes before you (e.g., Psalm 139: and will provide for you (e.g., Philippians 4:19).

Ruth was also a woman of noble character (Ruth 3:11) who chose the hard option of staying with and providing for her mother-in-law. Proverbs 31:10-31 speaks on the enormous worth to God of being a person with good character; someone who is resourceful, works hard, helps the poor, is dignified, wise, honest and moral. Good character develops over time, often through the tough things we go through; Romans 5:1-5 explains that it produces hope and hope is powerful.

Lord, help me today to trust in you even when the future is uncertain, give me hope. Also Lord please help me to develop noble character and to honour you with how I conduct myself day-to-day. Amen.

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