Jehovah a Provider and Deliverer-Psalm 34

Last week I wrote a tribute to a good friend of mine called Dai (see here) where I mentioned that the psalm he clung to during his battle with cancer was Psalm 34. Dai and his wife Maggie spent several months away from home as he had his treatment and they attended a different church. To quote Dai: ‘week after week the pastor emphasised Psalm 34, it has been the linchpin for me in my journey because as you read it, it spoke so powerfully to our situation.’ Today I am therefore going to look at a few verses and how they encouraged and strengthened Dai, I hope whatever you are facing today that they are a source of help and comfort to you. Dai used the American Standard Version when he spoke about this psalm so I will use it too.

Jehovah a provider and deliverer. (Psalm 34)

34 I will bless Jehovah at all times:
His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
2 My soul shall make her boast in Jehovah:
The meek shall hear thereof, and be glad.
3 Oh magnify Jehovah with me,
And let us exalt his name together.
4 I sought Jehovah, and he answered me,
And delivered me from all my fears.
5 They looked unto him, and were radiant;
And their faces shall never be confounded.
6 This poor man cried, and Jehovah heard him,
And saved him out of all his troubles.
7 The angel of Jehovah encampeth round about them that fear him,
And delivereth them.
8 Oh taste and see that Jehovah is good:
Blessed is the man that taketh refuge in him

Dai said he took this psalm and made it personal to him, he used it as a prayer. From hearing him talk on it he emphasised the importance of worshiping God in all times and circumstances (v 1-3). Also seeking God however we are feeling and bringing our fears to him, of verse 4 Dai said: ‘he answered me alright, I knew the Lord was looking after me…I had fears, I still do but I just sensed the Lord was delivering me from those fears.’ Dai also spoke of the importance of being real with God (v6), and how God met with him in those times. Finally he spoke of how he used to repeat verse 8 to himself over and over again; especially during long nights; to emphasise to himself the power of God at work in him.

Dai spoke of how the scripture given to him and his wife Maggie held them up, they clung to it and God spoke to them through verses and strengthened them. God’s word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12) so can I challenge you to send people scripture when you know they are facing difficulty.

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