Dai’s Story: An Inspiration When He Faced Cancer

I’m going to dedicate this post for a lovely friend of mine who I have known my whole life called Dai. He was a wonderful man of God and such a joy to be around. He made people laugh and gave the warmest welcome to everyone. He drifted into his Father’s arms a few months ago after a courageous battle with stage 4 Multiple Myeloma cancer. He has been such an inspiration through it and such a bright shining light for Jesus. I told him this and asked him if I could share some of his story, he agreed. Here are a few ways Dai was such an example through his trial:

He took any opportunity presented to him to share the gospel. Shortly before his death he told me a story about how a nurse had noticed his Bible and asked if he minded going to pray with a fellow cancer patient who had asked for prayer. Dai gladly obliged and spent ages talking with him, this man had no visitors and he was deeply touched by Dai coming over. This is one instance but there were many. Another way to look at it was that Dai didn’t let his own suffering and difficulties stop him taking any opportunity that presented itself to do good to others and to be a light for Jesus.

Dai clung to God and sought strength daily from the Bible. When you saw Dai he would quote verses and passages to you that were upholding him. His favourite psalm through his journey was Psalm 34 in the American Standard Version of the Bible, but he clung to many other scriptures too.

He was honest with those walking the journey with him (such as his church) about his highs and lows. We rejoiced with him in the moments of triumph and sought God with him and for him when life was tough. It was so very helpful to get the updates from him, it allowed us to target our prayers and pray at strategic points such as when appointments happened.

In short Dai was a truly inspirational man of God who ran a good race for God until the end. He was much loved and is missed. I could have written so much more about him, next week I will look at why Psalm 34 was such a help and a comfort to him.

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