Testimony is powerful!

Every Christian has a unique testimony and this is such a powerful resource for sharing with others about God’s love. As it says in Revelation 12:11: ‘They triumphed over him [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.‘ I absolutely love hearing people’s stories, how they have faced the highs and lows of life and managed to cling onto God. Hearing testimony inspires and encourages me in my own walk with God. It helps me find perspective in the lows by reminding me of God’s infinite power and that nothing is too hard for him (Jeremiah 32:27).

I have really enjoyed a show on the Christian Radio Station UCB2 called ‘This is my story’ Ruth O’Reilly-Smith. It is on weekdays 9am-1pm and features testimonies of listeners from all walks of life. I find it so uplifting and inspiring to hear people’s stories of how they overcame difficulties and how God has provided and been faithful to them. It was actually listening to this show that inspired me to write this blog.

One time when I was listening to the show a missionary to Ecuador called Sheila Leech was interviewed. Her story is fascinating and has a good number of funny stories which is always a bonus! Her book ‘God Knows What I’m Doing Here’ explores how she went from a drug addicted teenager to working with an unreached people group. Her story really resonated with me as God had taken her on a completely different path in life to what she expected yet looking back she can see God’s hand in all that has happened. When she faced difficulties she has the reassurance that God was walking with her and has purposes for her in every season of her life.

My prayer is that you would be encouraged today whatever situation you are facing. I pray that you would know God is walking with you (Deuteronomy 31:6); he loves you (Romans 8:38-39) and can use any situation for his good (Romans 8:28). In fact you are uniquely placed to reach a particular group of people with his love. Why not share some of your testimony with someone today? See my post entitled: ‘Ideas for How to Be Salt and Light‘ for some thoughts on how to do this practically when unwell. Also see my post: ‘My Healing from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome‘ to hear more of my story.

Other testimonies I have found helpful (please let me know your favourites too!):  

Two of my all-time favourite books with inspiring testimonies are very well known and are about missionaries:

If you can’t read a book yourself maybe you can ask someone to read to you? Or pray God would provide someone? Or look for an audio book?

One thought on “Testimony is powerful!

  1. An inspiring blog which will help many people lead positive spirit filled lives whatever their circumstances. Keep writing!


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