Utilise Digital Christian Resources

Sometimes when reading the Bible or a Christian book has been very challenging I have found other forms of Christian media really helpful. This post is going to explore a Christian film I watched and how it challenged me and also how Christian radio has been a brilliant help to me.

War Room

I recently watched War Room and it gave me a lot of food for thought. In fact so much so I have watched it three times now! It is about an elderly Christian lady who is a prayer warrior and she teaches a younger lady how she battles in prayer, the strategies she uses and the many answer she has had from God. It has challenged me to examine my own prayer life and whether I strategically keep bringing things to God or if I pray for something/someone once and then forget about it. Prayer is vital and prayer changes things.

Now when you have health problems prayer can be difficult and can require some creativity. I am in the process of writing a post about how I have gone about prayer whilst very unwell so keep an eye out for it!

Christian Radio

I listen to Christian radio for several hours a day! It has encouraged me and uplifted me. It has helped me when I have felt really low and lonely. Worship music on its own is a great resource but having it with some interaction and Bible encouragements has been a real blessing. I personally listen to United Christian Broadcasters. I mainly listen to UCB2 over UCB1 but that is based on preferring the playlist on UCB2! I know in the UK there is also Premier Christian Radio but I have not checked this out.

A show I find particularly encouraging is called: ‘This is My Story with Ruth O’Reilly-Smith’ it features lots of testimony and is on UCB2 weekdays 9am-1pm. If you find music draining (I did for a while) there is a testimony on at 9:30 and about 11:15, I heard someone on the radio say they have the radio on low when songs are on and then turn it up when they hear the talking. Alternatively my friend Steph says she listens to the radio in short bursts. I will talk in another post about why I find testimony so helpful.


2 thoughts on “Utilise Digital Christian Resources

  1. Great recommendations- thanks Lucy! I find sound can be energy sapping if it is constant for too long but short snippets of Christian radio like the this is my story is such a good idea!

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